One of the main goals of Future Pharm’s blog is to help educate our readers about supplements. We’ve written articles on topics such as fillers, how to tell if a supplement is truly liposomal, and what to look for when shopping for supplements. We back up our articles with references from other sources such as Healthline, NCBI and many of study resources, but we thought we’d write a different article today. Today, we’re presenting 6 articles about wild oil of oregano and carvacrol you need to read to become better educated on why WOOO should be a part of your healthy routine.

6 Proven Benefits of Carvacrol

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of what carvacrol is and why it’s so good for you, this article is a great place to start! According to this piece by Healthy Focus, carvacrol is one of the main reasons that so many people benefit from using oil of oregano. As a matter of fact, oregano is probably the best-known source of carvacrol, and research has demonstrated that the herb is not just a tasty cooking ingredient. It’s very healthy for you! Need a little refresher on what exactly carvacrol is?  Review our blog post,What is Carvacrol?”.

Oregano (Carvacrol) in 60 Seconds

OK, this is actually a video not an article, but if you want a quick overview of carvacrol, this is a great one to watch. This video briefly covers the health benefits of carvacrol (the most interesting being its effect on our gut microflora) in a 60 second information injection.

Effects of Carvacrol on a Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

This article specifically looks at carvacrol’s potential impact on non-small lung cancer, but the results are fascinating!  This NCBI article discusses how carvacrol has substantial antibacterial, antifungal, anthelmintic, insecticidal, analgesic and antioxidant activities.

5 Amazing Oregano Oil Benefits

Curious why WOOO is so good for you?  This article showcases the many benefits, including protecting the heart, reversing depressive symptoms, balancing hormones, controlling pain and fighting infections. The most impressive use involves its ability to fight a variety of infections. The 5 benefits showcased in this article include antiviral and antibacterial properties, fighting UTIs, help with fungal and yeast infections, killing parasites, and protection against foodborne illnesses.

Oil of Oregano Guide

Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, and author who has been educating the public about health and alternative medicine for years. This TV segment and article discuss how oil of oregano has significant antibiotic properties. Here are five creative ways to stay healthy using this natural oil.

How to Take Oregano Oil

University Health News recently put out an article about how to consume wild oil of oregano stating, “Oil of oregano can be a powerful weapon against all kinds of conditions.” While the article discusses several ways to take oil of oregano, we like the overall insights of the article to illustrate just how amazing WOOO is!

Want to learn even more about wild oil of oregano and carvacrol?  Check out our oil of oregano articles! The more you learn about wild oil of oregano and carvacrol, the more convinced you’ll be that this healthy supplement belongs in your health regimen.