About Us

About us:  Our story began when founder Gina Haynie, 49 was experiencing health issues related to inflammation. After years of physical therapy, non-prescription medications and treatments to relieve her pain and multiple symptoms, including: headaches, muscle soreness, joint pain, fatigue, insomnia, and chronic inflammation, she tried turmeric, and to her astonishment, felt significant relief, leading her to research turmeric uses. She then decided to pursue her own recipe to potentially help others feel the same relief of symptoms and experience the health benefits.

Gina Haynie“I was in disbelief, so much so that I thought maybe my relief was a placebo effect, but most of the pain disappeared and the symptoms went away. I felt so much better! I immersed myself in research about turmeric and the benefits, which inspired me to create this product.” I do believe in the use of Western, modern medicine and pharmaceuticals to address serious illnesses and disease, but I truly wanted to help others live pain-free using natural, plant-based remedies to potentially heal their bodies and their lives.

In my research, I found that inflammation may be the cause of many illnesses and disease, so I developed this product to be used as a potential preventative and alternative solution for people. Having lived through my own health issues, and knowing what life is like when pain and inflammation are present in the body created a new mission in establishing FuturePharm. This is an amazing product, and I can’t wait for you to learn more about us, our turmeric product, and to experience the many health benefits.”