We’re always thrilled when a new company or medical office starts carrying our products. We know that what products a company carries for its customers is a direct reflection on their reputation, so we’re humbled when they choose to carry Future Pharm products. We’re excited to welcome Botanic Choice into the Future Pharm family of vendors!

Who is Botanic Choice?

Botanic Choice has an impressive history, having been in the field of nutritional supplements for over 100 years! The company has been around since 1910, offering high-quality natural formulas, beauty care, nutritional supplements, and vitamins. They continuously enhance their products and services to give their customers the extras you won’t find anywhere else. Their tradition of innovation continues with the launch of their new premium line of condition-specific formulas. The new line includes unique, state-of-the-art ingredients that are backed by the latest nutritional research.

Botanic Choice now carries Future Pharm HEMPLETS®

Considering their commitment to quality and innovation, you can see why all of us at Future Pharm are humbled to have Botanic Choice carry our Hemplets line! The CBD Liposome Hemplets Chewable Tablets are a wonderful fit with Botanic Choice’s current offerings. HEMPLETS   is the only liposomal chewable tablet in the world that has a patent-pending liposome platform. It is designed to have an average particle distribution of 165 Nano meters, increases oral absorbance and bioavailability. HEMPLETS®  is designed to deliver a potent dose of CBD that is THC free in an oral tablet form unlike anything else.  HEMPLETS  is a highly advanced technology in a solid convenient chewable dosage form.

Please join us in welcoming Botanic Choice to our family of vendors! Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon from Future Pharm as we continue to grow and expand.