Wild Oil of Oregano’s popularity with health-conscious people has increased over the past year or so as more people discover the many benefits of this natural extract. Most who are familiar with Wild Oil of Oregano (or as we say, “WOOO”) take the product as an anti-bacterial and antimicrobial, but there may be more to this powerhouse supplement. Let’s look at how Wild Oil of Oregano may be a non-antibiotic alternative to treat infections.

What is Wild Oil of Oregano?

Wild Oil of Oregano is known as a natural healing alternative, popular for fighting colds and flu. Its active ingredient is carvacrol. Carvacrol is a chemical found in several plants and herbs such as wild bergamot, thyme, and pepperwort, but it is most abundant in oregano. One of its sources, pure oregano oil, has sixty to eighty percent of this chemical substance. It is soluble in ethanol and ether but not as soluble in water. This substance shows excellent anti-microbial properties and makes it effective in the production of cosmetics, food preservatives, and for treating diseases. One fascinating fact is that pure carvacrol has only around half the ability to destroy pathogens as pure oregano oil according to laboratory tests.

The benefits of carvacrol

Overall, carvacrol has a promising antiviral, antioxidant, and antifungal impact. One of the more notable health benefits is its anti-cancer effects. It has shown promising results when tested against various types of cancer including breast cancer, prostate, lung, and mouth cancer cells. A study published in 2010 found that carvacrol was successful in hastening the death of breast cancer cells, and in another study, researchers at Long Island University found that it had similar effects when it was tested for its effects on prostate cancer in 2012. It also fights against harmful bacteria by inhibiting their growth.

Study shows further promise for oregano oil

A recent study highlighted in Front Microbial investigated the efficacy of oregano oil against pathogenic bacteria including multidrug-resistant (MDR) isolates. Focusing primarily on combat trauma-associated wound infections, the investigation suggests the potentials of oregano oil as an alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of wound-associated infections regardless of antibiotic susceptibility. Skin wound infection is a prevalent issue in healthcare settings. Skin wounds are especially prone to bacterial infections because the wounds provide an ideal vehicle for bacterial propagation and a portal of entry into the bloodstream. The infections can be easily treated with a variety of antibiotics if the bacteria involved are susceptible. However, there are only limited options when antibiotic-resistant strains are involved in wound infections. If the wound infection can’t be eliminated in quick, the infection would induce persistent inflammation that can expose patients to various complications and life-threatening sepsis. Sadly, skin infections caused by MDR bacteria are the most common cause of mortality in patients infected with MDR and represent almost 61% of deaths of this infected population (Gomez et al., 2009). While further studies continue, initial observations suggest oregano oil as a viable choice for non-antibiotics options.

Where to find Wild Oil of Oregano

Future Pharm offers a Wild Oil of Oregano supplement with rosemary and natural honey flavor. This product offers antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It is also touted for supporting the immune system. While many people take WOOO to protect against cold and flu season, or to provide extra protection while traveling, studies continue to show further benefits of taking Wild Oil of Oregano. If you’re looking to stay healthy and protected,   Future Pharm’s Wild Oil of Oregano product is a good idea to add to your health arsenal.