At Future Pharm, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s happening with industry trends as they impact our products. One recent bit of news that caught our eye is the changes that are happening in the EU as it pertains to THC and CBD and hemp products gain traction in the EU.

The changes to THC in the EU

Until recently, acceptable THC levels in CBD and hemp products in the EU were established at .2%. Many felt that this kept businesses dealing with CBD and hemp products from being competitive to manufacturers across the globe. Recently, the European Parliament voted in favor of increasing the authorized THC level for industrial hemp from 0.2% to 0.3%. Many consider this a crucial step in the process of re-establishing that level of THC for European hemp.

How change came about in the EU

The proposal for an increase was long advocated by the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and was finally included in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform adopted by the Parliament earlier in October. The Parliament also voted for the inclusion of hemp in the list of products that can be regulated via marketing standards that aim to improve the economic conditions for production and marketing as well as the quality of agricultural products. EIHA had also pushed for this change.

Why these changes are important to CBD products in the US

With these announced changes, it potentially opens up the market internationally for CBD products to be sold in a larger market overseas. Europe found itself at a disadvantage as hemp legalization spread globally and most countries adopted the 0.3% THC standard. While Future Pharm’s HEMPLETS are THC-free, the ability to compete in the EU was still limited. With these changes, US-based CBD and hemp products can now find a market overseas. This also means that EU CBD and hemp products that were previously 0.2% will now be able to rise to 0.3% and could compete with USA-made products such as Future Pharm. While there will remain strict guidelines should EU products be imported into the US, most Americans will still prefer to buy CBD and hemp products made in the USA. With these changes, consumers will have to be savvy shoppers to ensure they’re getting the product they want while confirming products are made in the USA.

Overall, the EU change is good on a global scale as requirements for hemp and CBD products become standardized, making it easier for consumers to rest assured of what the maximum levels of THC in a product are. However, if you’re a consumer looking for a supplement with no THC, consider a product like HEMPLETS to avoid THC altogether. HEMPLETS is the only liposomal chewable tablet in the world that has a patent-pending liposome platform. HEMPLETS is a highly advanced technology in a solid convenient chewable dosage form. As CBD and hemp products gain traction globally, it’s as important as ever to be an informed consumer. To learn more about Future Pharm’s HEMPLETS, visit our product page.