Here at Future Pharm, we’ve worked hard over the years to create the most effective, pure, healthful supplements we can. We seek out natural ingredients and are diligent in our efforts to ensure every product exceeds our standards to provide the most benefit for our customers. It’s because of this diligence that so many medical professionals have praised our products over the years, and we’re thrilled that the latest brand evangelist to join the ranks is no other than Dr. Ronald Hoffman!

Intelligent Medicine

Dr. Hoffman is the founder of “Intelligent Medicine”, a nationally syndicated radio show which provides health information you need to make informed choices so that you can safeguard yourself from medical confusion and engage in enlightened self-care. His website,, not only offers his own opinions on medical issues, but also curates high quality content from come of the best clinicians and writers in the field of integrative medicine so that readers can benefit from diverse perspectives.

About Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Ronald Hoffman is recognized as one of America’s foremost complementary medicine practitioners. He was founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York City, and now maintains a private practice there. He is also author of numerous books and articles for the public and for health professionals, and is not only the host of the popular nationally-syndicated radio program Intelligent Medicine, but also host of the Internet podcast of the same name.

We’re honored that someone of Dr. Hoffman’s caliber is now supporting Future Pharm products and are thrilled that his ongoing support will help us reach more people who can benefit from Future Pharm products! Having the support of Dr. Hoffman as well as several other medical professionals speaks volumes about our products and we couldn’t be happier about it. To learn more about Future Pharm products, visit our website or look for our products in numerous retail locations, medical offices and other locations.