Anyone who has ever met me knows that I have a strong work ethic, and I’ll always get to the bottom of any issue or challenge I face. It’s why I started Future Pharm after suffering from health issues for so many years. I couldn’t find anything that worked and was hesitant to keep taking more and more medications. My search led me to turmeric, and turmeric led me to found Future Pharm. But I wasn’t always in the health industry and I’m often asked what I did before Future Pharm. Here’s the story of my journey from the entertainment industry to Future Pharm founder.

I started my professional career in the entertainment industry. My first film job was “Toy Soldiers” in San Antonio when I was 23. I was a P.A. I went on after that to work in radio for about a year. I started freelancing again, working in the props department on commercials for the next five plus years. I then moved to Los Angeles and did a handful of TV shows like “Ally McBeal”, “Lonesome”, “Renegade”, “America’s Most Wanted”, “911” and worked for Lifetime on and off. When I wasn’t working on shows, I did “day playing” in between on movies like “Waiting to Exhale” props department

Met my husband on a TV pilot in Arizona and we moved to Oregon when I was 29. I started freelancing in Portland, doing props and art directing with Nike, Gus Van Sant, doing some commercials and some TV shows.

As much as I loved the industry, once I started a family, the 18 plus hours a day were just not possible for me anymore, so I started helping my husband with designing homes that he would build. We eventually started building multi-million-dollar homes which continues to present day. I started Future Pharm due to my health issues in 2016. The past 27 years have brought me to where I am today and without going through all of it, Future Pharm would not exist. It’s been quite a journey!