Future Pharm has been offering a high quality, USDA certified organic turmeric product to our clients with great success. The company started when founder Gina Haynie was experiencing her own pain, and sought out natural solutions to alleviate her pain. She tried turmeric, and to her amazement, she experienced significant relief, leading her to research turmeric uses furter. She decided to pursue her own recipe to help others feel the same relief of symptoms and experience the health benefits. The goal of Future Pharm has always been to provide high quality, effective products and we’re excited to announce that Future Pharm will announce a new product soon!

The intent of this new product, which will be announced in the coming months, is to continue to provide the same level of health benefits that our turmeric product currently offers. While turmeric offers amazing health benefits (read our blog to find different articles on how turmeric can benefit your health), we know there are several other natural remedies that can also provide healthy options for our clients. It’s this pursuit to continue offering the best product options out there that we found a new product that we’re currently working to bring to market soon.

Stay tuned for our big announcement! As always, thank you for your support of Future Pharm. We appreciate our customers and partners!