Future Pharm is growing!  The demand for our all-natural, organic turmeric extract continues to rise, and as more people hear about our product, the more requests we get from retail locations, online stores and medical offices to carry our product.

Our turmeric product is already available on our website, as well as Hi Health, Rainbow Acres, Healthy Habits and Bungalow. We’re also available online at Hi Health. The exciting news is that we’re currently working with several medical professionals to start carrying our product in their medical practice!  At the moment, Priority Life Chiropractic and Massage carries our turmeric, but several inquiries from health professionals will result in our product being carried in more practices soon, so stay tuned as we announce those locations!

In addition, we’re excited to announce that Radi8 HOT YOGA of Arcadia will start carrying our product in late summer. Committed to offering healthy options for their clients, Radi8 HOT YOGA and our other current retail partners count our product among their other healthy offerings. Be sure to visit our website to get a complete listing of where to buy Future Pharm turmeric. The list is updated often.

If your favorite retail location doesn’t currently carry our product, suggest to them to connect with us. We’d be happy to work with more retailers and health professionals to get our product to more people.