Gina Haynie, Founder of Future Pharm, was recently featured in the Valley Start-Ups podcast, talking about her experience founding Future Pharm, what drove her to start the company, and what inspires her to continue to grow and create new products.

On a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar pharmaceuticals industry with her line of all-natural turmeric extract, Wild Oil of Oregano, CBD Liposome product, and several others, Haynie was inspired to start the company based on her own needs for natural alternatives to over the counter medications. Specially developed by her team of pharmacists and chemists, her startup’s products have grown a national reputation for providing incredible pain relief and daily health benefits, and are currently carried in stores and medical offices around the country. Listen to the episode to hear how, with no background in the industry, Gina has created a thriving pharmaceutical startup that continues to grow in popularity.

Future Pharm has garnered media attention ever since its inception in 2016. Check out the other media covered the company has earned over the years by visiting our media page on our website. A big thank you to Valley Start-Ups for allowing Gina to showcase her company!