We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a new, improved turmeric product, and we’re excited to share it with our customers!  Our new liquid Turmeric Liposome Complex is sure to gain fans and draw a lot of attention in our industry!

What has changed in our new Turmeric Liposome Complex extract?

Future Pharm’s liquid turmeric extract has always been fantastic….and now we’ve made it even better!  Here’s what’s new in the new product:

Increase in absorption rate

With slight changes to the ingredients in our new product, including liposomes, the absorption rate of our Turmeric Liposome Complex (we like to call it “TLC”) has increased exponentially so your body absorbs more of the healthy components of our product.

Increased bioavailability

Because of the increased absorption rate, our new product now has increased bioavailability, which means more of the nutrients are available to your body’s cells.

No alcohol

We’re excited to announce that our new product no longer contains alcohol, which had been a concern for some clients who were hesitant to consume a product with alcohol. We’ve addressed that concern. It now contains organic glycerin. It still contains powerful BioPerine and is made from organic turmeric.

With all these exciting changes, one thing remains the same: our product is still an all-natural turmeric extract product with liposomes, containing powerful antioxidant properties and plant-based curcumin that may reduce inflammation and block proteins that trigger swelling and intercept inflammatory pathways, decreasing inflammatory responses.

We’re thrilled to announce new liquid Turmeric Liposome Complex and can’t wait for our customers to try it!