We’re always hearing from people about how they take their Future Pharm turmeric or Future Pharm wild oil of oregano with rosemary with them when they travel. We love hearing these stories and then it occurred to us:  how many of our clients really DO take our products with them when they travel? Only one way to find out! We’re excited to announce that Future Pharm is launching a Facebook contest to showcase the travels of our products!

Starting March 1st, anyone who snaps a picture of themselves holding our product while they’re traveling will automatically be entered into a monthly drawing. The winner each month will receive 2 FREE bottles of our products; either our wild oil of oregano with rosemary or turmeric (or one of each!). Liking or following our page is NOT required (but you should; we post great stuff all the time!).  All you need do to be entered is to tag @myfuturepharm in the picture you post on your Facebook page and tell us where the picture is from (Kauai, Machu Picchu…wherever!). “Tagging” is when you write a Facebook status update on your personal Facebook page and provide a link to someone’s personal timeline or business page. When you tag a person or page, that person or business is alerted that you’ve shared something (that’s how we’ll know who has tagged us for the drawing each month). When we see the update, they can click your name so we know who you are and get you entered into our drawing. Facebook will alert us when we’ve been tagged in a status update. Tagging our page in an update is easy: Type @myfuturepharm and you’ll see our page pop up. Select our page and voilà!  We’re tagged in your photo!

Monthly winners will be announced on our Facebook page the 5th of each month. Our first winner will be announced April 5th. Stay tuned and snap those pictures!