Future Pharm recently announced the launch of its new affiliate program, available to vetted individuals across the United States.

The company, founded by Gina Haynie, has been offering an all-natural turmeric extract and a wild oil of oregano with rosemary product on their website, https://myfuturepharm.com since November 2016 with great success. Launching an affiliate program will take the product to the next level by raising awareness of the product’s effectiveness and making it much more readily available to the public through various websites.

“People have been approaching us for many months, asking us when we were going to offer an affiliate program” stated Haynie. “I feel we’re now at the point where an affiliate program makes sense, and I’m excited about launching this new program.” What makes this affiliate program so powerful is the residual nature of Future Pharm’s product sales. Affiliates earn commissions on product sales for life, and because the products are so effective, the data indicates that most customers continue purchasing more products each month to continue receiving the high-quality and clean health benefits.

Individuals interested in participating in the affiliate program should visit Future Pharm’s affiliate page to learn more and submit an application.

Future Pharm products will continue to be available on the Future Pharm website, as well as several retail outlets including Hi Health, Healthy Habit, Amazon and in several medical and naturopath offices throughout the U.S.
Future Pharm’s turmeric extract and oil of oregano with rosemary are the first of several all-natural supplements to be released soon.

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/06/prweb15558332.htm