It seems like only yesterday when we wrote “Future Pharm:  Our First Six Months in Review” and now it’s our one-year anniversary?!  Time flies when you’re having fun and believe me, we ARE having fun!

How we started

We started out selling our all-natural liquid turmeric on our brand-new website. We created social media channels and sent out a press release announcing the launch of our company. Business was doing well but what really took us to the next level is when the Dr. Bob Martin show approached us about appearing on their show. Wow!  Suddenly we were able to share our product with people from all across the country, and the feedback has been amazing. We get testimonials from men and women, young and old, medical professionals and more, all sharing how thrilled they are with the product. We couldn’t’ be prouder!

We went retail

Then we began having our product carried in retail locations. When Hi Health approved our product to be in their stores, that was a game-changer! We understand that sometimes when you need your turmeric, you need it NOW, and now our clients could walk into Hi Health and purchase a bottle (or more!) and start enjoying the results right away. Then we were thrilled to bring on more retailers, including Rainbow Acres, Healthy Habit, Bungalow Scottsdale, and radi8. We even have Priority Life Chiropractic and Massage carrying our product, with more healthcare professionals voicing an interest in our turmeric extract. We’re honored that these businesses believed in our product and wanted to carry it. We’re also in the process of a BIG retailer carrying our product (more to come on that, stay tuned!).

What’s next?

So, what’s next for Future Pharm?  Glad you asked!  We’re getting ready to launch a brand-new product, Wild Oil of Oregano (we like to call it WOOO!). Our goal is to continue to provide healthy, pure, natural products to our clients to help with inflammation, the immune system and much more. WOOO was a natural progression in our pursuit for a healthy lifestyle product. The product is not available yet, but if you want to learn more about WOOO, check out a couple blogs that we’ve written, with more to follow (you ARE following our blog, right?).

rearview mirrorWhile we wanted to take a few moments to “look in the rearview mirror” and see where we’ve been, we’re thrilled at what lies on the road ahead of us. As always, we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful customers who have helped us grow. We love being “The Natural Path for Your Life”!