One of our goals when we first founded Future Pharm to make our products available to as many people as possible. Future Pharm started when founder Gina Haynie was experiencing health issues related to inflammation. After years of physical therapy, non-prescription medications and treatments to relieve her pain and multiple symptoms, she tried turmeric, and to her astonishment, felt significant relief, leading her to research turmeric uses and pursue her own recipe to potentially help others feel the same relief of symptoms and experience the health benefits. Our first product sold on the site, our liquid Turmeric Liposome Complex product, was also quickly picked up by several medical offices around Arizona. We saw the opportunity to make our product more readily available to the public and began proactively working with medical professionals and retailers to carry our products. We have recently expanded into new retail and medical office locations and could not be more excited!

Where you can buy Future Pharm products

Of course, our customers can buy any of our products on our website, but did you know you can also find them on these retailer websites?

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Hi-Health

There are also numerous medical offices that carry our products. To see a full list of who currently carries our products, see “Where to Buy” on our website. Check back often, as we are always trying to find new outlets for our products!

Are all Future Pharm products sold by everyone listed?

Every retailer and medical office is different. Not every location or website carries all our products. While we of course endeavor to have them carry our full line of products, inventory and demand needs are different for each one, so you want to check who carries what product before walking into a physical location or you can of course visit their websites!

What products are Future Pharm currently carrying?

Here are the five products currently carried by the Future Pharm website:

  • Turmeric Liposome Complex
  • Wild Oil of Oregano with Rosemary and Natural Honey Flavor
  • Black 4 Health Liposome Complex
  • Elderberry with Zinc and Echinacea
  • CBD Liposome Complex

To learn more about each of our products, check out the “Our Products” page for details. For each product we provide:

  • Product description
  • Purchase price
  • FAQs
  • Purchase options
  • Label information (click on the product name to see this)

Can I get the same purchase options on other websites?

Prices may vary by retailer or medical office. Regardless of where you buy your product from, you will always get the same high-quality Future Pharm supplement!

Will Future Pharm ever carry more product options?

We are always researching new product options for our customers! We get a lot of feedback from our medical offices in particular regarding high demand products, and we are listening! We actually have an exciting new product coming soon, so stay tuned for the big announcement!

We are thrilled to be continually partnering with new retail and medical office locations to carry our product. If your business is interested in carrying Future Pharm products, contact us to learn more!