We were thrilled to be recently invited to participate in the Intelligent Medicine podcast. This was such a fantastic experience for us, and we were honored to be able to share information about Future Pharm and our Turmeric Liposome Complex with the podcast listeners.

In the first episode, we explored the many benefits of turmeric and how it can be a natural alternative to over the counter drugs including NSAIDs. We also touched on other products in Future Pharm’s product line including Wild Oil of Oregano and Liquid Black 4 Health Liposome Complex. Here’s the first episode:

Intelligent Medicine Podcast – Episode One

In the second episode, Dr. Hoffman continued talking with us about Future Pharm, our products, and the benefits of turmeric. Here’s the second episode:

Intelligent Medicine Podcast – Episode Two

We can’t say enough about how humbled we were to be a part of Dr. Hoffman’s show! We encourage you to not only Encourage people to listen to your episode but share it with friends who might be interested in this topic, or the Intelligent Medicine podcast. You can even subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss any of the helpful and insightful information they provide. Feel free to leave a comment about our segments on Apple Podcasts.

We look forward to being on future podcast segments for Intelligent Medicine to talk about more of our products and how they may help people live healthier lives.