Leading all-natural supplement brand releases only fat-soluble turmeric extract on the market, alongside the only oil of oregano infused with rosemary extract

(PHOENIX, Ariz.) – As a leader in all-natural, plant-based supplements, Future Pharm recently released a one-of-a-kind product to the ever-expanding healthcare market: a fat-soluble USDA organic food-grade turmeric extract made with liposomes and patented BioPerine for absorption that is 425% stronger than their original formula. Offered alongside their oil of oregano – the only product of its kind on the market to include rosemary extract – both Future Pharm products are now available to ship nationwide on MyFuturePharm.com, HIHealth.com and Hi-Health stores throughout Arizona.

“What started as research for my own wellness journey showed me the need for this type of product, and our latest improvement on the formula has made it muchturmeric extract stronger, and more beneficial, than your average turmeric extract,” said Future Pharm Founder and Botanical Researcher Gina Haynie. “The formula that we use to create this makes it fat soluble, which allows it to stay in your system much longer, and the liposomes help it absorb into the tissues (not just the bloodstream) providing even more relief from any symptoms.”

Containing powerful antioxidant properties and plant-based curcumin used to reduce inflammation and block proteins that trigger swelling and intercept inflammatory pathways, the new turmeric extract significantly decreases inflammatory responses and may help to alleviate a variety of symptoms for everything from headaches, joint pain and muscle soreness to fatigue, insomnia and chronic inflammation. The liposomes – pharmaceutically formed water droplets created using nano-technology – are what carries the extract into the actual tissues, in addition to the 98% absorption rate into the bloodstream; a combination that allows for a much longer retention of its pain-relieving properties.

“Another major differentiator for this product is the fresh turmeric we use, harvested in Hawaii,” said Haynie. “Many products on the market utilize turmeric powders that are bought from Hawaii but were actually created in China so it was very important to me that all of our products were made in the U.S. using the finest raw ingredients.”

To purchase Future Pharm’s turmeric extract ($29.99) or oil of oregano with rosemary extract ($24), visit MyFuturePharm.com, HiHealth.com or any of the Hi-Health and Healthy Habit stores throughout Arizona. For ongoing news and updates from Future Pharm, connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

ABOUT FUTURE PHARM:turmeric farm

Formed by Gina Haynie in 2016, Future Pharm is a leading supplement brand specializing in all-natural plant-based formulas and products that are custom, organic blends, crafted from the finest raw ingredients by certified chemists and herbalists, and packaged in a compliant laboratory environment under FDA regulations. Each product is organic and has a Certificate of Analysis (C of A), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Allergen Statement(s). Additional testing is performed on all products for aerobic plant counts, yeast, molds, salmonella, and E Coli. All formulas, raw material and ingredients are tailored to Future Pharm product specifications. For more information, visit www.MyFuturePharm.com.

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