Natural GrocersWe’ve been big fans of the Dr. Bob Martin Show for quite some time now, so imagine how thrilled we were to learn that Dr. Bob Martin was actually going to be in town at an event near us! We knew we had to be there to show our support for his visit to Natural Grocers in Arizona.

The event at Natural Grocers was held on September 22, 2018 and we were surprised to see such a big crowd and more than oneHealthy Habit founder familiar face. None only was Dr. Bob there, but we were thrilled and honored to meet the original owner of Healthy Habits and one of Hi Health’s superstars, Megan, who has been supportive of Future Pharm since we began working with Hi Health.

We wanted to share a few pictures and say “thank you” to Dr. Bob and all the other people there who made our visit so outstanding. We are truly blessed to work with so many industry professionals and appreciate their support.Megan from Hi Health