We’re always thankful and appreciative when we get reviews and testimonials from our customers who have purchased either our turmeric or our wild oil of oregano with rosemary but what humbles us is when we hear stories of how exactly our products have impacted our customer’s lives. While we can go on and on about how wonderful we think our products are, Future Pharm testimonials speak for themselves. Check out a few of these testimonials below.

No more suffering from back pain

Our all-natural turmeric extract is wonderful for anti-inflammation and pain reduction. Almost everyone that reaches out to us about how much they love our product talks about how their lives have been impacted by reducing or eliminating back pain. One customer stated, “I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain for years. Seeking relief, I was taking anywhere from 400 to 800 milligrams of ibuprofen daily…. when I heard about Future Pharm, I tried it…. WOW! I experienced relief.”  Another customer said, “I had sciatica pain and now I have none”. Knowing that we’re impacting people’s lives by helping to reduce pain makes us love what we do!

Reducing inflammation

If you’ve read the story about how Future Pharm began, you know that founder Gina Haynie was suffering from health issues related to inflammation, which inspired her to seek a more natural alternative. From that endeavor, Future Pharm was created starting with its flagship product turmeric.  However, others have written to us about how our turmeric product helped with inflammation. From helping with joint inflammation to psoriasis, people continue to tell us that reducing inflammation by using our product has changed their lives. As one person said, “I have no more hitch in my giddy so now I can giddy up!” Doesn’t get much better than that!

Medical professionals support our products

Not only have we received testimonials from a few medical professionals, we’ve also had them discuss the attributes of our products on-air. Integrative health care professional Dr. Everett Beyer discussed Future Pharm’s all-natural liquid turmeric on the Dr. Bob Martin Talk Show, which was very flattering and inspiring as he informed listeners about what makes our turmeric different. And speaking of the Dr. Bob Martin show, we were thrilled when a woman called into the show recently to excitedly profess how much our turmeric helped her daughter.

We’re getting discovered on Amazon too

Now that our wild oil of oregano with rosemary and our turmeric are on Amazon, the customer reviews continue to come in. People who saw us on Channel 3, heard about us on the radio, or simply found us by searching natural products are leaving wonderful reviews. As always, we’re very appreciative of everyone’s feedback!

If you’ve tried our products, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a review on Amazon or send us your success story from our testimonials page (just click the link!). We look forward to hearing from you!