Since starting Future Pharm last year, we continue to be amazed by all the wonderful people we’ve met along the way that have contributed to our success. The organic turmeric farm we source from, located in Hawaii, is one of those fabulous partners that we have. Our farm visit was a success, to say the least!

When we arrived to the turmeric farm, the owners welcomed us with open arms. They walked us through the entire farm, showing us the different kinds of turmeric they grow. They have red, yellow and white turmeric as well as ginger. It was truly amazing to see the extent of their operations. We were truly impressed.

The turmeric and ginger farm is on 100 acres of all organic soil. The entire plant stood taller than all of us!  To prevent cross-contamination and flooding, the facility is located on high ground and has its very own, dedicated water supply.  We were absolutely amazed how the owner runs the operations. The farm is extremely well-cared for. The owners explained how once the turmeric is harvested and cleaned, it’s then put into a very large container which is air conditioned.  The turmeric from this farm is also sold to organic stores and Mega Foods; we’re in very good company! They also explained how they all USDA organic, so their regulations are that there can not be one spec of dirt on their turmeric before it is put into container to chill. turmeric plants

The process of how the turmeric is grown, harvested and prepared was quite impressive! I am so happy we went to see where our source is grown and never knew this plant would be such a huge part of our life. The turmeric farm visit will be one we’ll always remember and we appreciate our trusted partners in Hawaii. We’re excited to share this story with our clients so they can see exactly where our turmeric comes from that goes into every bottle of our all-natural turmeric extract.