We were so excited to hear our Wild Oil of Oregano showcased on the Dr. Ronald Hoffman radio show November 30th! Did you hear it?

Dr. Hoffman discussed the benefits of Wild Oil of Oregano; how it can act as an antibacterial and antimicrobial to help prevent colds and flus.  He mentioned that especially during the holidays, it’s important to support your immune system when many of us overeat or become stressed. Here’s the whole radio spot:

We’re thrilled that he talked about our products to his many listeners. Now that our WOOO has natural honey flavor added, we know people will love the product even more!

He also mentioned a special offer, buy two, get one free, that’ll help people stock up and stay healthy this holiday season. Dr. Hoffman’s show is always a source of fantastic health information and tips. Be sure to tune in his show to stay on top of the latest health trends and news impacting your health. Learn more by visiting his website: https://drhoffman.com/. We look forward to hearing Wild Oil of Oregano showcased on the radio again soon, as well as our other products. Stay tuned!

Want to see all the media we’ve received over the years?  Check out our media page on our website to see all the TV, radio and magazine spots we’ve done over the years. It’s been excited to see how much demand for our products continue to grow as we continue to improve and expand our natural supplement offerings.