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 “I think FuturePharm offers some of the most innovative products I’ve seen in quite a while. I use their supplements, prescribe them in my practice, and I’m proud to recommend them to my audience!”

“Just because a label states that an ingredient is present in a supplement you’re taking doesn’t mean you’re obtaining its full benefit. The key is bioavailability–how much is absorbed and gets to where its needed. FuturePharm sources the most potent, highest quality ingredients and then uses liposomal technology to assure optimal uptake.”

Black 4 Health Liposome Complex

Black 4 Health by Future Pharm is plant-based food with naturally occurring black pigments including black radish root, black cumin seed, black garlic and black peppercorn, containing high levels of body ready healing botanicals. Dark colored vegetables, spices and seeds contain health giving and life protecting nutrients our bodies need. It is a delicious tasting supplement with Liposome Complex for optimal absorption and utilization.

Black 4 Health supports liver function, body detoxification, clear skin, cholesterol, blood pressure regulation, weight management, circulation and the immune system with nearly ten times more antioxidants than regular garlic.

Wild Oil of Oregano

Our Wild Oil of Oregano product provides all of the benefits of the oregano herb in an easy-to-use liquid extract. We are the first ever to formulate Wild Oil of Oregano with ROSEMARY! Oil of Oregano supports a variety of healthy benefits including antimicrobial effects as well as supporting the immune system. Wild Oil of Oregano gets its health benefits from carvacrol, an active ingredient found in oregano. Rosemary aids circulation, helps alleviate muscle pain, improves memory and gives our immune system a boost.

Rosemary Oil Extract

Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and antiinflammatory compounds, which are thought to help boost immune system and improve blood circulation.

Natural Honey Flavor

Our natural honey flavor has minimal water and sugar content and intended for tea leaves, but may also be used in organic application where an intense flavor and NO sugar source is required.

Turmeric Liposome Complex

Our product is an all-natural turmeric extract, alternative product containing powerful antioxidant properties and plant-based curcumin used to possibly reduce inflammation and block proteins that trigger swelling and intercept inflammatory pathways, significantly decreasing inflammatory responses.

  • Supports Anti-Inflammatory Function
  • Absorption Rate Increase = Bioavailability is Increased
  • Fomulated with Liposome Delivery System using Nano Technology
  • Superior Formula
  • Optimal Absorption
  • Alcohol Fee

Elderberry with Zinc and Echinacea

Elderberry is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and may boost your immune system. It’s historically been used to address pain, swelling and inflammation as well as influenza, infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, heart pain, and nerve pain.

  • Antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system.

  • Seems to activate chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation.

  • Zinc is an essential mineral found in some foods and over the counter medicines.

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  • Custom, Organic blends

  • Crafted from the finest raw ingredients by certified chemists and herbalists

  • Packaged in a compliant laboratory environment under FDA regulations
  • Each product is organic and has a Certificate of Analysis (C of A), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Allergen Statement(s).
  • All formulas, raw material and ingredients are tailored to Future Pharm product specifications.
Future Pharm Products


Liposome Complex


Wild Oil of Oregano
With Rosemary


Black 4 Health
Liposome Complex


Elderberry with Zinc and Echinacea - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Elderberry with Zinc and Echinacea



Satisfied Customer Testimonials

I have been taking this amazing tumeric for about 8 weeks now. I had back surgery over 14 years ago and deal with degenerative disc disease. I have 2 places in my back with 75% disc loss and 2 places with 50% disc loss. I have been on back meds for years and most recently went off of them to take this tumeric. I am proud to say I am officially off my meds and use tumeric twice a day to maintain. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
Carley Welch
I have been using Turmeric for quite some time as a preventative to health concerns. I am so grateful to have finally found an organic product that delivers such powerful ingredients. Liquid turmeric is so simple to ingest with no flavor to speak of. Half a dropper directly to the tongue & I’m done. Thank you Future Pharm for providing such an amazing product at a reasonable price.
Aubrey Malave

This is life changing!!! I’ve been taking this for months and feel so much better. It is the key to clearing inflammation and getting natural relief to arthritis and joint pain. The benefits go on and on!

Sara Willian Graf
I have been using the Oil of Oregano drops for the last six months. I have not been sick or have I had any allergy/sinus issues since using these drops. I have used oil of oregano in the past and it has never been as effective or tasty as the Future Pharm product. I use it every day and love it! Thank you!!
Stephanie Pisoni
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