Many consumers are currently taking turmeric supplementation in the form of powder, tablets, or capsules.  Few of these products enter human cells via a more efficient pathway related to chylomicrons. Why is that such a big deal?  Let’s take a look…

What are chylomicrons?

Chylomicrons are lipoprotein particles that consist of triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol, and proteins. They transport dietary lipids from the intestines to other locations in the body. Chylomicrons are found in the blood and lymphatic fluid where they serve to transport fat from its port of entry in the intestine to the liver and to fat tissue. After a fatty meal, the blood is so full of chylomicrons that it looks milky! The small intestinal cells manufacture the very first lipoprotein particles that newly ingested fats will circulate within, called chylomicrons enter the bloodstream via thoracic duct, which bypasses the liver to dump directly into the left subclavian vein.

How do they help supplements?

Chylomicrons, based on the information above, help supplements enter human cells in a more efficient and effective way, which allows supplements to be better utilized by the body.

Do any supplements have chylomicrons?

Fat-soluble supplements such as Future Pharm’s new Turmeric Liposome Complex leverages this technology for better absorption. Keep in mind:  a supplement is only as good as it’s ability to be absorbed into the body. For many supplements, that absorption rate is limited. However, with Future Pharm’s new product, absorption is greatly enhanced, which allows it to be more readily utilized by the body. We’ve written about why people should try natural supplements in the past and how not all supplements are alike. How well does your body absorb the nutrients in your supplements?

The bottom line is, be an informed consumer before you purchase any kind of supplement so you get the most for your money. Understanding how chylomicrons make supplements more effective will make you a more informed consumer when shopping for your next supplement.