People ask us all kinds of questions about our product.  How much does it cost?  What does it taste like?  How will it work for me?  We answer a lot of those questions on our FAQ page, but there’s one question we get asked over and over that we thought was worth a blog post: “How do you pronounce ‘turmeric’?”

You’re not alone in being confused

Believe it or not, if you Google this question, you’ll find several articles that address the pronunciation. Who knew it was such a hot topic? As The Huffington Post writes, there’s an age-old debate: ter-meric or too-meric? Some people seem to ignore that there is an “r” found after the “u” and pronounce this golden spice “too-meric.” Others use the “r” finishing off the first syllable, and pronounce the word “ter-meric.” So which is correct?

You can pronounce it either way and be correct

According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language and Merriam-Webster, either pronunciation is correct. There are some websites that provide the pronunciation in the United States versus the United Kingdom (listen now). There’s even a (very short) YouTube video on how to pronounce it!:

No matter how you pronounce it, turmeric may be a great addition to your healthy routine. Learn more about Future Pharm’s turmeric extract by visiting our products page.