Like all of you, we’ve been watching all that has unfolded these past few months and hoping that it all ends soon. We’ve been saddened by the loss of life and the businesses, large and small, struggling to stay afloat during these difficult times. On more than one occasion, we’ve been asked how Future Pharm is faring during these difficult times, so we thought we’d share a brief update on all that’s been happening.

Fortunately, Future Pharm has consistently grown since 2016 when we launched. The way that the coronavirus has impacted our company is that we are basically overwhelmed 24/7!  We were getting ready to launch two products when we started receiving emails and phone calls from people wanting Elderberry and Zinc supplements.  We really wanted to stay on course with the two products we were about to launch, but with the overwhelming requests from our customers, we committed to doing our due diligence to see just what was out there and if there were any products getting their ingredients solely within the United States offering the unique combination of elderberry and zinc. There weren’t any, so we know what we had to do.

We reached out to the pharmacist that manufactures all our products and went to work. Once we had the basic product made, there was a lot of back and forth testing and tasting samples before we decided to have mass production of the supplement started. Once we decided to pull the trigger on the Elderberry with Zinc & Echinacea supplement, it was full speed ahead!  There is a lot to do to get ready for a launch, not to mention a product that is in big demand.  It is so important not to rush anything in this business.  For us, it is tough when you are in the business of trying to help people, and they want it yesterday.  We launched the Elderberry product on April 6, 2020.  Orders and emails have been non-stop ever since, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to launch a product that was so lacking in the market with such big demand.

When COVID-19 really started spreading here in the U.S., there was such a high demand for our Wild Oil of Oregano product that we ran out of stock!  It is back in stock now.   Another product we have is Liquid Turmeric Liposome Complex, which studies are showing helps the lungs with inflammation so that product also sold out briefly, but with increased production, it’s now back in stock.  All of Future Pharm products are sourced and manufactured in the United States with third-party testing, which is what was always important to.  It seems that it is also very important to customers now as well.

We are looking forward to launching the next two products we were working on before the coronavirus appeared.  We have plenty of stock now of all products so that moving forward should be business as usual. As always, our success is because of our loyal customers. We appreciate all of you, especially during these difficult times. Stay healthy!