How to Bring A New Supplement to Market

//How to Bring A New Supplement to Market

How to Bring A New Supplement to Market

We’ve been posting about the health benefits of black radish, CBD, and black garlic the past few months. So, what does that have to do with turmeric or wild oil of oregano? Could it be that we’re getting ready to introduce a new product soon? And if so, what’s taking so long? Believe it or not, it actually takes quite a bit of effort to bring a new product on board so while we’re working quietly behind the scenes to introduce another amazing product, we thought we’d step you through the basics of what we’re going through to bring a new supplement to market.

Research the market and find a need

We know that we can bring the most amazing new product onboard, but if no one needs what the supplement offers, why bother?  We’re constantly researching and reading to find out what the market is looking for and how a new product can help address that need naturally. Right now, the message is clear: people are suffering from pain, but they don’t want to take pain pills or anything that might be addicting. People want a natural solution for pain. We heard you!

Look for natural solutions that really work

Every person is different and when it comes to pain, it can take many forms and occur for many reasons. We also know that some health situations need something more aggressive than what a natural supplement may be able to offer. Any company that touts a guaranteed, 100% solution for what ails you is not being truthful; we always advocate that anyone suffering from pain should talk to their medical professional to understand the cause before seeking out a solution. What we look for are products that can help with pain naturally and can offer a natural alternative to prescription drugs when possible. To that end, we focus not only on what product may help pain, but how it can be the most effective.

Understand what’s already on the market

The supplement industry is flooded with products that tout their effectiveness, but how many really work?  We took the time to research supplements like the ones we want to introduce and ask ourselves how we can do better, including:

If we feel we can offer something better, we go for it. If not, we move on.

Test the product extensively

We partner with some of the best labs out there to ensure that what we say our product may help with can help. That means we do a LOT of testing for absorption, purity, effectiveness and viability. We make sure any ingredients we include go towards the effectiveness of the product, not just act as a filler to create volume and dilute effectiveness. We test and test and test and use third party resources to ensure we’re making the best product possible.

Prepare the product for market

You’d be surprised how much research goes into what to name a product. Seems silly, right?  But it’s not! We want the name to be simple, memorable, descriptive of what the product can do and overall align with our brand. It’s mind-numbing how much time we spend just coming up with a name. After that, it’s time to dig into the label. Colors, fonts, what we say and how we say it. Are our instructions clear?  Are we following all the correct guidelines when it comes to supplement labeling? Does it accurately portray what’s inside the packaging? A misstep at this stage can undermine all our efforts. Then it’s time to work on the marketing messaging. We need to accurately describe what our product does and how it may help people. No false claims, no outlandish promises; we simply want to let people know about the product and how it can help.

Find the right time to launch

We wish we could start selling a product the minute we have it, but we want the experience to be perfect for our customers, from the first time they hear about it until the package hits their doorstep. That means we need to educate our call center, make sure our distribution center has enough inventory, update the website for pricing, shipping, etc. The behind the scenes operations when launching a product is critical and we want to get it right.

All that trouble for one little product (or two?) but at Future Pharm, we want it to be perfect. We want to be our customer’s natural path to health. So when you see a new product come out from us, take a moment and look at that little bottle with a whole new sense of appreciation now that you know how to bring a supplement to market everything we do to make our products exactly what our customers want.

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