We all want to get the most for our money, and buying supplements is no exception. Liposomes are changing the way we look at supplements because like everything else, we want to get the most for our money. Liposomes may help you do just that.

Liposomal delivery in supplements

Liposomes are made of the same material as most cells, so your body recognizes them as a “friendly” substance. They are easily absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth and digestive tract and once they your bloodstream, they circulate throughout your body, merging with your cell membranes and releasing their nutrients directly into your cells. This explains why liposomes are the most effective delivery method for dietary nutrients, including supplements. Your body gets the maximum absorption of nutrition with optimal cellular bioavailability.

Why don’t all supplements contain liposomes?

Good question! There are a few reasons why most supplements still don’t leverage liposomal delivery. First, most liposomes also have a limited shelf-life compared to supplements that have fillers. Second, they are more costly to make when using liposomes. Third, it’s more difficult to mass produce supplements with liposomes to get the stability needed to prevent degradation. Remember, there are many supplements that actually use fillers; additives and fillers offer no nutritional value. They are used to inexpensively bind, fill, and lubricate, capsules and tablets to expedite processing.

Are all supplements with liposomes better?

Not necessarily. First, if a supplement uses liposomal delivery but still uses fillers and additives, it’s not going to have the same bioavailability as one that doesn’t contain fillers. We actually created a quick video about liposomes in supplements to show how supplements without liposomes, supplements with liposomes and fillers, and supplements with liposomes and no fillers perform. See for yourself why there is a difference!

What’s the bottom line on supplements and liposomes?

Here’s the deal:  the best way to get the most out of any supplement you take it to ensure you’re absorbing the supplement. Also known as “bioavailability”, you want a supplement that has a higher bioavailability to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you paid for; otherwise you’re literally throwing your money down the drain. The benefits to liposomes include the ability for the body to better access the supplement or nutrient being delivered and increase efficacy.

Liposomes are changing the way we look at supplements as we become more savvy shoppers and better label readers. Look for supplements that have liposomal delivery such as Future Pharm’s Turmeric Liposome Complex (“TLC”). If you see that on a product label, fantastic! Now look and make sure there are no unnecessary fillers that could detract from the efficacy and bioavailability of the product. If you can identify those two items from the label, your chances are better that the product you buy is going to be better absorbed by your body. Liposomal technology is amazing and gaining popularity. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this technology when purchasing your next supplement.