Anyone who has been following Future Pharm for some time now knows how we feel about natural ingredients in supplements. We’ve written numerous blog posts about bioavailability and why having the right ingredients makes a significant difference in effectiveness of supplements. We’re always seeking out additional information to continually improve our supplements as we know the importance of naturally boosting supplements and that not all supplements are alike!

We knew liposomes were a winner a long time ago!

When Future Pharm was established in 2016, our first product was our turmeric liquid supplement. While it was a wild success, we always endeavored to make it better and more effective, which is why we retooled the product and came out with the new and improved turmeric liposomal product to further enhance bioavailability. We’ve never looked back, adding liposomes to other products such as our line of CBD Liposome Hemplets and our powerful Black4Health Liposome Complex.

Outside research continues to support our approach

We weren’t surprised when we ran across an article by Natural Products Insider discussing how unique technology and plant ingredients can join forces to help support the body’s absorption of powerful nutrients. The article highlighted how otherwise potent supplements lose their effectiveness when they lack natural boosters such as liposomes. We found the article exceptionally insightful because it explains in straightforward language the importance of bioavailability and how to achieve it. We suggest you read the full article by clicking the link below so you too can see the importance of natural enhancements to supplements:

Boosting supplement bioavailability–naturally

You can see why we’re enthusiastic about what we do and the products we provide! Ready to enhance your healthy lifestyle? Check out our full line of supplements and see for yourself why naturally boosting supplements is the way to go!