Since launching our newest product, Wild Oil of Oregano (or as we like to call it, “WOOO”) we’ve received lots of questions about the product, why we decided on WOOO, and what’s next for Future Pharm. We caught up with Future Pharm founder Gina Haynie to get all the details.

Future Pharm is known for its all-natural, organic turmeric. Why add Wild Oil of Oregano to your product line?

I wanted to add Oil of Oregano because of all the proven benefits it has to offer. I’d heard about it in the past, and thought it’d be a natural addition to the Future Pharm product line. It’s such an amazing product! It helps with:


What should we know about WOOO besides its health benefits?

The two varieties of Wild Oil of Oregano are Thymus Capitates and Origanum Vulgare.  Oregano has what is call Carvacrol, which is the powerful and-microbial in Oil of Oregano. Having Wild Oil of Oregano gives you all of the benefits the plants have to offer.

Why oregano from the Mediterranean?

MediterraneanWild Oregano grows naturally in the Mediterranean on sides of mountains with full sun. When grown in the right conditions, oregano is at its peak—the essence of Mediterranean sun and sea. It’s the ideal area to grow oregano for the high quality we demand. This oregano is the highest quality available.

Do you think WOOO will be the next big thing in natural health alternatives? 

Wild Oil of Oregano has been around forever; however, there has not been one made with rosemary… until now! Considering the issues people are having with antibiotics, studies have shown that people are turning more and more to natural alternatives. So yes, I think WOOO could very well be the next big thing!
Why did you decide to add rosemary?

So many reasons! We added rosemary for both its own healthy benefits as well as how it enhanced our WOOO product. It has a fantastic shelf life, aids circulation, helps alleviate muscle pain, improves memory and gives our immune system a boost. It also helps with the taste of the WOOO product which can be a little strong for some people. Rosemary makes it much easier to take. I just love rosemary and am so excited to have it in this product!

So, what’s next for Future Pharm?

I started this company when I was seeking a more natural alternative to my inflammation issues. Future Pharm continues to focus on products that will provide relief and a healthier lifestyle for people while providing a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals out there. We are busy trying other formulas to add to our product line once it passes our vigorous 3rd party testing resources.  We only want to carry products that help heal the body naturally and effectively.  We will keep you posted.