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CBD Liposome Hemplets Chewable Tablets (Raspberry)


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After extensive and innovative research and a patent pending in 2020, Future Pharm is excited to announce the release of HEMPLETS™ Liposome Tablets.

What is HEMPLETS™?

HEMPLETS™ is the only liposomal chewable tablet in the world that has a patent pending liposome platform. It is designed to have an average particle distribution of 165 Nano meters, increases oral absorbance and bioavailability. HEMPLETS™ is designed to deliver a potent dose of CBD that is THC free in an oral tablet form unlike anything else.  HEMPLETS™ is a highly advanced technology in a solid convenient chewable dosage form.

Why liposomal delivery in HEMPLETS™?

A liposome is a protective lipid layer that encapsulates CBD molecules by using liposomals as carriers. This led to the development of a completely new range of a CBD product that is patent pending.  HEMPLETS™ liposomal CBD delivers products in chewable flavors that are unmatched in quality and scientifically proven while providing a fast and effective form of CBD supplementation.

What else makes HEMPLETS™ unique?

CBD is supplied in the USA by cGMP, FDA registered manufacturers using CO2 extraction.  The solvent is considered a cleaner, purer form of extraction because there is no residue after extraction. HEMPLETS™ Liposome Chewable Tablets uses all-natural flavors and ingredients.

A liposome is a sort of protective lipid sphere that encapsulates CBD molecules that is using liposomal spheres as carriers. This led to the development of a completely new range of CBD chewable products that are now patent pending.

HEMPLETS liposomal CBD line delivers products in tasty chewable flavors that is unmatched quality while providing a faster and more effective form of CBD supplementation.