Wild Oil of Oregano

Wild Oil of Oregano


With just a few drops, this can help the body recover through its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Discover the many benefits of wild oil of oregano to potentially live a healthier life. Results may vary from user to user.

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Our Wild Oil of Oregano product provides all of the benefits of the oregano herb in an easy-to-use liquid extract. We are the first ever to formulate Wild Oil of Oregano with ROSEMARY! Oil of Oregano supports a variety of healthy benefits including antimicrobial effects as well as supporting the immune system. Wild Oil of Oregano gets its health benefits from carvacrol, an active ingredient found in oregano. Rosemary aids circulation, helps alleviate muscle pain, improves memory and gives our immune system a boost.

Our product is sourced from the Mediterranean and produced in the United States.

Suggested use for adults is 7 drops daily directly in the mouth, mixed with water, or as directed by a health professional.