Most people have been diligent about keeping their distance from other people during this pandemic; avoiding crowds, wearing masks, and washing their hands frequently. Now that restrictions are starting to ease a bit and businesses and restaurants are opening back up, it is a good idea to take extra precautions to help protect your health. Sure, there are the usual things you should do for a healthier life: get enough sleep, eat healthily, exercise, and drink plenty of water; a recipe for health if there ever was one. Unfortunately, nowadays you need to add extra layers of protection to stay healthy. Why? Eating new foods, traveling to different places, airplane food trays, gym equipment, doorknobs, menus…. there are a lot of ways to pick up germs when you break out of your usual routine as you likely will as we go back to a “normal” schedule. While the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind, there are many germs that can get you sick; no one wants a cold or the flu just as they are able to be out and about again! Staying healthy this summer may be a challenge. So how can you protect yourself and stay healthy? Carvacrol can offer protection, and wild oil of oregano is a great way to get carvacrol in your health routine.

Carvacrol:  what it is and what it does

Carvacrol is a chemical present in several plants and herbs such as wild bergamot, thyme, and pepperwort, but it is most abundant in oregano. Carvacrol is what gives oregano a slightly spicy flavor. It is colorless and has a distinct warm odor. This ingredient exhibits excellent anti-microbial properties and makes it beneficial in the production of cosmetics, food preservatives, and for treating diseases. One interesting fact is that pure carvacrol has only around half the ability to destroy pathogens as pure oregano oil according to laboratory tests. Carvacrol is the active ingredient in oregano so you are very likely already have easy access to it and did not even know it!

How to get more carvacrol into your daily routine

While carvacrol can be found in several plants and herbs as mentioned above, chances are you are not eating those in great abundance to the point you will enjoy the health benefits. While you might have oregano in your pantry, or even fresh oregano growing in your garden, you are still not likely to glean the benefits you need to protect your health. The better way to get more carvacrol into your health routine is by taking a wild oil of oregano supplement to get the amounts you need for a healthy boost.

How will Wild Oil of Oregano keep me healthy?

Oil of oregano can be used for a natural healing alternative. It is best known for its impact on colds and flu as it is an effective antimicrobial. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and has been proven to reverse or reduce bacterial infections, allergies, inflammation, and viruses. Even with limited activity and exposure that you might be slowly easing back into, there are several ways to pick up germs, so it is good to be careful. Around 20 percent of people on commercial flights develop symptoms of the common cold within one week of travel. Air cabins have a lot of people in a very small space, so the likelihood of viruses increases. Also, low air pressure and oxygen compromise immune function. Oil of oregano can help reduce the bacteria you are surrounded by on planes or any public transportation. While masks might help for some germs, it will not protect you completely, so having extra protection is a good idea.

With summer approaching, assuming we all get back to a fairly normal schedule, there are going to be several ways that we can pick up germs. While practicing CDC recommendations, including diligent hand washing is still recommended, keeping wild oil of oregano on hand may help tip the health scales in your favor. Future Pharm Wild Oil of Oregano with Rosemary and natural honey flavor is a great way to do just that. Stay healthy everyone!