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Because this product comes from the whole, FRESH root, and because of the cold-processing methods used*, Future Pharm’s turmeric retains the ever-elusive turmeric oil in its natural state, intact and untainted, and at full bio-availability. As well, this product features a complete “fraction” of curcumin — that magical key active ingredient that unfortunately gets lost, almost completely, when creating powdered turmerics. Because of the meticulous cold-processing, the excellent soils that are sourced for farming, and the quality certified organic status, Future Pharm gives us a superior product we can trust with the purest, whole-plant-use efficacy profile possible. The documented, whole body benefits of this time-tested root are just phenomenal. Now we have it in an exquisitely easy-to-consume, almost tasteless form. I am very excited about this product.
Amron Bevels-Wilson, MD
As a medical physician and plastic surgeon, I have been very impressed with how well Future Pharm’s turmeric extract has worked for me. After taking it for just a few weeks, I am seeing an 85-90% improvement of the pain in my lower back. Having experienced sciatic pain for some time, I decided to try Future Pharm’s product. Now that I’ve experienced the results for myself, I am thrilled to share this testimonial so others can see what a wonderful product this really is. Instead of taking anti-inflammatory products such as Aleve or Advil, taking this turmeric just makes sense because it works, and there is no downside. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Jack Friedland, M.D. FACS
This is life changing!!! I’ve been taking this for months and feel so much better. It is the key to clearing inflammation and getting natural relief to arthritis and joint pain. The benefits go on and on!
Sara Willian Graf
About 15 years ago a few of my buddy’s and I took a dirt bike trip to ride the dunes along the beach in Mexico. While riding up and down the hills I encountered another rider coming the opposite direction . There was no avoiding the disaster that was about to occur. The other rider and I went head on. I flew over the handle bars and my bike was quickly catching up with me. It was inevitable , the bike caught me, striking me tail pipe first in the back of my leg! It was a nightmare come true. The impact of the metal with the back of my leg was disastrous, completely shredding my leg. The ambulance came and transported me to the nearest Red Cross . The Red Cross stitched me up and did what they could do for me till they got me back to the states. After a year of life threatening infections and multiple surgeries, the long healing process had begun. The initial wound was finally healed up leaving me with a nasty scar and a bum leg . Over the last 15 years I’ve tried just about every drug you could imagine for pain and inflammation there was, So I thought. One day by the grace of God a friend told me about a plant extract called Turmeric. Of course I was negative and sarcastic about trying another anything! Optimistically I tried it. OMG after taking a squeeze dropper orally under the tongue for a couple days it was a miracle. After 15 years of living with the pain and inflammation I thought I was gonna just have to deal with for the rest of my life,it was finally over. This little herb has completely changed the quality of life for me. I still have a nasty scar but who cares the swelling and pain I use to have to live with everyday is gone!!!! Thank you so much myfuturepharm.com for turning me on to turmeric it is truly a life changer!!

Tim VAN Voorst
I have been using this liquid turmeric for a few months now, and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I had sciatica pain so bad, and now I have none, as long as I take it my inflammation has been relieved. Thank you so much.
Beverly Whitlow
I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain for years. Seeking relief, I was taking anywhere from 400 to 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen daily. I’d tried other formats of turmeric and never found relief, so when I heard about Future Pharm, I was apprehensive to say the least. Then I tried it… WOW! Truly amazing! Within minutes, I experienced relief. There used to be days I dreaded getting out of bed due to the pain I was in. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being, go to the ER, I was typically at a constant 4 to 5 throughout the day, some days 6 to 7. Now when I wake up I don’t dread getting out of bed to start my day. It’s truly amazing the affects Future Pharm has had on my life. From getting up in the morning, working out at the gym, and playing with my kids, I can honestly say “everyday life” has become so much better. Thank you for the work you’ve done in putting this together!
Scott Adams
I have been using Turmeric for quite some time as a preventative to health concerns. I am so grateful to have finally found an organic product that delivers such powerful ingredients. Liquid turmeric is so simple to ingest with no flavor to speak of. Half a dropper directly to the tongue & I’m done. Thank you Future Pharm for providing such an amazing product at a reasonable price.
Aubrey Malave
So, I am super obsessed with this superfood!! I just finished my 1st bottle of Future Pharm Turmeric. And I must say that…I am hooked!! I have had so much pain in my right knee. And, I must say that my soreness has drastically decreased!! My skin is clearer and my immune system seems stellar during this years flu season!! Woo… hoo…And, I did not get the flu shot, so I’m super excited about my results! I also love that Future Pharms liquid Turmeric is super easy to take and digest! Love, love, love this product! Definitely a winner, hands-down.
Erica McLaurin
I have psoriasis and Crohn’s disease. Been taking Humira for 8 years. Since I began using Future Pharm, I have been off of this drug for 3 months without any signs of psoriasis coming back. This product is amazing and I will come back in 3 months again to see if I can remain drug free.
Lee Cohn
I have been taking this amazing tumeric for about 8 weeks now. I had back surgery over 14 years ago and deal with degenerative disc disease. I have 2 places in my back with 75% disc loss and 2 places with 50% disc loss. I have been on back meds for years and most recently went off of them to take this tumeric. I am proud to say I am officially off my meds and use tumeric twice a day to maintain. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
Carley Welch
I started using this product about a week ago for terrible plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. It’s amazing! I haven’t had to take Advil since I started it! Overall, my whole body feels better. If you have aches and pains, I strongly suggest using Future Pharm.
Lucy Marinick
I started using this product about a month ago and I definitely feel the difference, especially if I miss a day. It’s so easy and has virtually no taste. I’ve got my mother in law using it for her arthritis and she swears by it too. I just got another bottle for a friend of mine who has an autoimmune disorder much like RA. I can’t wait for her to feel the results. I love that this product is all natural and made with the highest quality turmeric. It’s a cure for my back pain that I can feel good about. Thank you Future Pharm.
Shanon Drayton
I had been experiencing headaches for about 9 months. I had had one everyday, sometimes a few times a day. I didn’t like taking medication just knowing the risk. So about a month ago a friend of my husband told us all about turmeric and all it’s advantages. I just knew we needed to give it a try. So then I started using Future Pharm turmeric. It has been so amazing. I use it 2 times a day. My headaches have decreased, and I rarely experience my headaches. And the one to few times I have I just place a few drops of the turmeric under my tongue and within just a few minutes my headache had cleared up. I love the Future Pharm turmeric and will continue to use the product.
Yvonne Bunkers
Where to start – I have had pain from arthritis for years, most of the time controlled by narcotics when really bad. If I forget to take this product, my entire body lets me know. I just plain hurt without it. My range of motion has increased and the level of pain has decreased to where it just doesn’t matter. It may not be a miracle for you, but it has been for me. So much so, I have ordered a bottle for my sister in law who has rheumatoid arthritis. I tried it on a whim. So glad I did. Thank YOU Future Pharm!
Anna M. Herrera
I prefer the organic, plant, herbal and natural route to wellness/treatment over conventional medicine. Recently I noticed some intermittent joint pain and inflammation in a couple of my fingers on one hand. Turmeric was recommended, and I tried a couple of different products, but the Future Pharm turmeric extract was hands-down the best product. I felt relief within one day of taking it twice a day, and I was amazed at my body’s quick response to the product. It’s highly effective! I carry a bottle with me for the many health benefits and overall inflammation relief.
Sherry Azzarella
I have arthritis in my knees and have been taking this for 3 days and the pain in my knees is gone. This is an amazing product and recommend this to those with joint pain.
Gary Martin
I’ve only been taking this for 10 days but can honestly say this product is phenomenal! I had been taking a product that I thought was the best there was but this beats it by far. I have chronic neck pain and stiffness and the range of motion I experienced after just 3 days of taking this was unbelievable. It really just gets better and better every day.
Gina, I just received the liquid turmeric delivered by UPS.I am anxious to try it and thank you for following up. As an ex-business owner, I applaud your customer service and wish you much success. Thank you