Most people that take supplements prefer products that are as close to natural as possible, and with good reason. Fillers, coatings, and other additives offer no nutritional value, yet many supplement makers use these in their products for a variety of reasons. These “other ingredients” are generally not in the product to benefit your health. They are used to inexpensively bind, fill, and lubricate capsules and tablets to expedite processing. So why add liposomes to supplements? Good question! Here are the advantages of liposomes in your supplements.

The basics of liposomal technology

According to Pharmaceutical Technology, liposomes protect, transport, and release your drug at the right place and time. By this, a reduced dose achieves better efficacy and avoids side effects with a non-invasive application. A liposomal formulation can clearly improve the therapeutic index of your supplement. When we first started using liposomal technology in our supplements, our customers had questions, so we created a series of videos to explain liposomes. Once you understand the technology, the advantages make more sense.

Advantages of liposomes

Here are a few advantages of liposomal technology:

  • Liposomes are biocompatible
  • Liposomes are completely biodegradable
  • Liposomes are non-toxic
  • Liposomes have both a lipophilic and aqueous environment making it useful for delivering many supplements.
  • Liposomes serve as a protection of the supplement through encapsulation.
  • Liposomes protect the supplement from the environment as well as acting as a sustained release mechanism.

What are liposomal supplements?

Liposomal supplements are a class of health supplements with an added liposomal shell around their major molecules, which allows for increased absorption in the body, helps higher doses be absorbed into one’s system faster, and has far fewer side effects than a normal supplement. Future Pharm supplements with liposome technology include our Turmeric Liposome Complex, our Black 4 Health Liposome Complex, and our CBD Liposome Complex.

Why liposomal technology is good for supplements

Liposomal technology in supplements allows more of the nutrients of the supplement to be absorbed in the body, which allows users to get more benefit from their supplements. In other words, absorption is increased, and bioavailability is increased. Why don’t all supplement manufacturers use liposomal technology when it helps the supplement? Much of it has to do with cost. Second is the fact that liposomes have a limited shelf-life compared to supplements that have fillers. Third, it is more difficult to mass-produce supplements with liposomes to get the stability needed to prevent degradation. You can see why having a liposomal delivery system is value in supplements, and why many cheaper supplements do not, and may never, have liposomes. For the manufacturer, adding liposomes is more difficult and costly, but for the consumer, it adds significant health values.

Understanding the advantages of liposomal technology in supplements will help consumers make a more informed decision when buying supplements. As always, read the labels, so you know what you are buying, and consult your health professional to ensure adding supplements is beneficial to your overall health plan.