Turmeric has been all over social media lately, with bloggers posting articles about its many uses, and others asking questions about how to use the product, where to get it, and what it’s good for. At Future Pharm, we’re thrilled that turmeric is gaining in popularity and love all of the social media attention it’s beginning to garner. Here are a few of the social media mentions we found to be exceptionally useful. As always, we’ll continue to share information about turmeric on social media as well!

Facebook loves turmeric

If you hop onto Facebook and search for turmeric, the number of articles, videos and images you’ll see is pretty amazing!  Did you know that there are several turmeric user groups on Facebook? What a great way to hear what other people are saying about turmeric, how they’re using it and where to buy turmeric near you. Here’s another great resource on Facebook:  search for “turmeric” and choose the “People” tab. There, you can see what your friends are saying about turmeric, or what others are saying under “People are Saying”. You can also check out all the public posts. You can also find videos, apps and events, all talking about turmeric.

Instagram helps you picture it

Admittedly, turmeric is not the prettiest root to look at (though we just love it!). However, Instagram is a great place to find articles, photos, turmeric fun facts and much more. Just go to your Instagram account and search #turmeric. Yep, there are over 471,000 images on Instagram about turmeric! Of course, we think one of the best Instagram pages to follow us Future Pharm’s Instagram page if you’re looking for turmeric fun facts, uses and images. Be sure to check it out!

Twitter keeps it short and sweet

Can you really say all there is to say about turmeric in 140 characters or less?  Apparently, you can, because turmeric is a big topic on Twitter too!  Try typing in “turmeric extract” and see all the results! Choose “latest” from the menu to see the most recent posts, or choose “news” to narrow your search even more. Lots of great info!

Of course, there are many resources to learn more about turmeric, such as our blog and several other reputable studies that talk about turmeric. What’s unique about social media is following the conversation about turmeric, which continues to grow every day. Want to be a part of the conversation?  Be sure to follow Future Pharm on our social channels!  We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn! Ask us anything. Let’s keep the conversation of turmeric on social media going!