As turmeric continues to grow in popularity, the public’s interest in all that turmeric may offer increases as well. Many articles and studies have been done about turmeric and its many possible uses. We’ve listed a few below if you want to learn more about turmeric.

University of Maryland Medical Center – Turmeric

This article provides a great overview of what turmeric is, studies that have been done, and possible uses for this spice. It also provides available forms of turmeric and how to take it. This is a great overall article to get you more familiar with turmeric.

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson – Studying Turmeric’s Effects 

This brief overview by Janet L. Funk, MD discusses her clinical research for turmeric as a daily supplement. Dr. Funk is an Associate professor of medicine and nutritional sciences, a clinical instructor, and a college of pharmacy member. Her prior studies included how other extracts may impact health, and her current research about turmeric. We look forward to additional studies by U of A regarding this topic! Another study by U of A also discusses promising discoveries about turmeric.

Mayo Clinic – Nutrition and Pain

The article points out that even if you’re eating plenty of food, that doesn’t always translate to good nutrition. Due to poor eating habits and an abundance of foods that lack essential nutrients, many people aren’t getting adequate vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition. They write about curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, and how it’s been the subject of much research in the West recently. Some interesting insights and observations; a great article to read!

Web MD – Why is Turmeric Good for Me?

Written by Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, this article starts with, “Exotic things fascinate me, and there is nothing more spectacular than the bright yellow hue of turmeric, a spice steeped in ancient Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian food, society and medicinal history.” The article goes on to talk about turmeric’s history, uses, and other applications you may have never thought of! This is a great article if you want to learn more about turmeric.

UCLA Newsroom – Chemical in Spice Turmeric

This interesting article talks about how turmeric may impact the mechanisms in human saliva, and quotes a senior study author Dr. Marilene Wang, a professor of head and neck surgery and a Jonsson Cancer Center researcher about other possible benefits.

Oregon State University – Like curry? New role identified for compound

This 2012 article discusses how OSU scientists identified a new reason why some curry dishes might be good for you. It references a few studies and some interesting findings that are worth the read.

Turmeric has been around for a very long time, used in cooking, dyes, and much more. Understanding the full potential of turmeric makes it a very interesting spice indeed! Learn more about Future Pharm’s turmeric by visiting our FAQs page.