At Future Pharm, we’ve been touting the benefits of adding liposomes to supplements for quite some time now. We retooled our flagship turmeric extract to contain liposomes, and our new Black for Health and CBD products both contain liposomes for better absorption. When we first talked about liposomes, the concept was fairly new to most of our readers. Now, as word spreads, this technology is the new buzzword in the supplement world. Now that more CBD products are starting to use liposomes, we wanted to showcase what anyone taking CBD needs to know about liposomes.

Liposomes: a refresher on what they are

We first wrote about liposomes in May 2018 in our aptly title blog, “What Are Liposomes?”. Often referred to as nanotechnology, liposomes are essentially a nutrient wrapped in a layer of fat; phosphatidylcholine, which is a fat molecule. They are sometimes used to deliver drugs to specific targets in the body and are also used to deliver nutrients into the body. Liposomes are better at delivering that nutrient into the cell than powders which make up most tablets and capsules.

Adding liposomes to CBD: why it’s important

To understand why adding liposomes to CBD is important, it helps to understand how CBD works in the body. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the system that runs throughout our body and is responsible for a variety of healing activities and regulatory controls, including cell regeneration and dopamine release. The ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors, which are triggered by our body’s naturally produced endocannabinoids. In other words, our body has receptors that naturally work with cannabinoids. The problem is, not everyone has highly functioning systems that allow them to get the full benefits of cannabinoids in their body; CBD will have trouble being utilized by the body’s ECS system.  That’s where liposomes may be helpful, allowing the better to better absorb CBD by helping the active compound be carried into the bloodstream. In other words, liposomes help the body to better absorb and therefore use CBD that is consumed.

Are liposomes really making a difference in supplements like CBD?

Liposomes have been around for quite some time but are more recently being considered for supplements. While studies are ongoing, early research is proving promising, especially for CBD. A study conducted by researchers for the Journal of Controlled Release showed enhanced absorption for CBD when liposomes were introduced; a promising development. The bottom line: it could be concluded that CBD liposomes are even more effective and efficient in terms of providing therapeutic relief to all parts of your internal bodily systems.

Is CBD with liposomes right for everyone?

As with any supplement, it’s a good idea to speak with your medical professional about taking CBD to ensure there is no issue with taking CBD with any existing medication or medical condition. When choosing a supplement, be sure to find one that can show adherence to the strictest certifications in the industry, and  has a commitment to third party testing to ensure you’re getting an effective CBD product, ideally one using CBD pure hemp oil. Hemp contains a much higher percentage of CBD and only trace amounts of THC.

It’s important to know about liposomes and how they impact CBD products to choose the product that will work best for you. Anyone taking CBD needs to know about liposomes so that they can make an informed decision on adding the supplement to their health regimen.