Supplements boasting liposomes seem to suddenly be everywhere. A year or two ago, “liposomal delivery” wasn’t even in most people’s vocabulary; now it’s mandatory for many seeking high-quality supplements. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few misunderstandings and misrepresentations when it comes to liposomes and supplements. To help make you a more informed consumer, here is what you need to know about supplements and liposomes.

Why liposomal delivery is important

Liposomes help a product’s absorption rate, therefore increasing its bioavailability. That means your body is absorbing more of the nutrients you want, not excreting the majority of it, which is a big waste of money. Absorption can be a challenge for several supplements because of how well the body can utilize certain nutrients. Adding a liposomal delivery system can help.

Not all supplements have an effective liposomal delivery system

It’s the usual warning:  buyer beware. Since liposomes are the new “it” feature in supplements, everyone has them…. or claims they do, but not all are equally effective. Want to determine if your supplement really has liposomes? There are three easy ways to spot a product that does not have liposomes:  sediment if it dissolves in water, and any product that is a capsule or a pill. Read this blog to learn more about how you can tell if your supplement has liposomal delivery.

Liposomes fight inflammation

Many people who take supplements do so because of inflammation. While not all inflammation is bad, but when it is bad, inflammation ignites a long list of disorders: arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, blindness, cancer, diabetes and, quite possibly, autism and mental illness. Liposomes are widely used as drug delivery systems for different drugs and supplements that fight inflammation in particular. Adding liposomes can help target and treat infection and inflammation. For those seeking a more natural solution, ingredients such as curcumin are used by many, but it’s not easily absorbed into the system. However, if you had liposomes to a supplement with curcumin, absorption and bioavailability increase.

Supplements with liposomes may save you money

As we discussed earlier in this article, an effective liposomal delivery system helps get more nutrients found in supplements absorbed by the body, so in theory, less supplement is needed. If your body in excreting a good portion of a supplement, you may need to take more over time to retain the desired results. If you’re consuming a supplement with liposomes, more is retained and absorbed, so less is needed.

There’s a reason why not all supplements have liposomes

There are a few reasons why many supplements still don’t utilize liposomal delivery. First, most liposomes also have a limited shelf-life compared to supplements that have fillers. Second, they are more costly to make when using liposomes. Third, it’s more difficult to mass-produce supplements with liposomes to get the stability needed to prevent degradation. You can see why having a liposomal delivery system is value in supplements, and why many cheaper supplements don’t, and may never, have liposomes.

As with any health product, it’s always a good idea to consult your health professional when it comes to purchasing supplements. In the meantime, it’s in your best interest to stay on top of health news and trends and be a savvy shopper. Understanding what you need to know about supplements and liposomes will help you be a better consumer.