People are more attuned than ever to seeking good health and doing so through more natural means to live a longer and healthier life. For many, that means looking into more natural supplements to help with pain and inflammation. Turmeric has long been touted as a fantastic alternative to over the counter solutions, but many find that, despite it’s strong reputation, they’re not getting the results from their turmeric supplement that they were hoping for. Here’s why your turmeric supplement may not be working.

Your turmeric supplement isn’t made from the whole root

There are several turmeric powders and capsules on the market, and they may deliver results for some people, but may not for others. Why? If you’re consuming a turmeric powder or capsule, you may not be getting the same benefits as you’d get from the whole root. Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by some plants. It is best known as being the active ingredient in turmeric, a member of the ginger family. This active ingredient can be lost or diminished during processing to make a powder or pill, while products made from whole, fresh root will retain their potency.

Your turmeric supplement isn’t an extract

There are several reasons why, when it comes to effectiveness and you’re considering turmeric liquid extract vs. a capsule, you should choose an extract:

  • Turmeric extracts give you more control over dosing
  • Extracts provide faster absorption for your body
  • Extracts tend to be more potent than other forms
  • Extracts tend to have a longer shelf life than capsules
  • Liquid turmeric uses the whole plant

If you’re not using an extract, it’s possible that you’re not getting the ideal results from your supplement. While capsules, pills and powders may contain fillers, an all-natural liquid turmeric extract may deliver more of what your body needs, and with better results.

Your body may not be absorbing turmeric effectively

As mentioned above, if your supplement isn’t an extract, it may be the reason why your turmeric supplement isn’t working for you. If you are using an extract, but it doesn’t use liposomes and bioperine for absorption, your body is not getting as much benefit from the supplement as an extract that lacks these. Liposomes are a nutrient wrapped in a layer of fat. They are sometimes used to deliver drugs to specific targets in the body. They encapsulate the active content and protect it from effects of anything that might cause damage. The benefits of liposomes include the ability for the body to better access the supplement or nutrient being delivered and increase efficacy. Bioperine was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%. Having both liposomes and bioperine in a liquid supplement helps your body absorb more of the nutrients in the supplement.

Turmeric supplements are a smart addition to a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve tried turmeric supplements in the past with limited results, it may be time to give it another try, and reach for an all-natural, liquid turmeric extract supplement with liposomes and bioperine. You may be surprised at the difference it makes!